So I have started teaching myself to sculpt miniatures.

When I was a freshed faced tenager I was into 40k and warhammer and like a lot of people I fell out of it in my 20’s. Recently I have decided to learn how to sculpt, and for that I need a project. That will be a Imperial Guard army for 40k.

My plan is to update this blog every week, we will see how that works out.

I just show some of the things that I have done sofar.

First up is a man, I wanted to do some muscles. He is sculpted in Super Sculpey Firm, over Green Stuff. I probable will not finish him.


This little guy is a goblin. I did a number of these mainly because they are small and have big hands and faces. This guy is done in ProCreate, but a did do some is Sculpey and a mix, with the body in Sculpey and the hands and face is ProCreate.


And lastly is my version of a Chimera for 40k. Its based on a Boxer armoured fighting vehicle, I haven’t got the wheels for it yet, but it does look like it will hold 12 guys. You might be able to see that the top and front panels are removable, that’s so I can make a version of the Taurox and Taurox Prime based on this same hull.



Anyhoo thanks for reading and I will see you in a week, hopefully.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I will start reading your blogs and catch up to present time. I am planning on trying to sculpt some toy soldiers in the future. Mainly medieval or dark age figures. I would think the faces would be the hardest part. Some one told me the hands are real hard to do. I am a novice. I will have to get some sculpting clay. So far I was planning on using green stuff to do some conversions and then start will creating accessories. Then finally moving on to figures.

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