Imperial legs

In the quest for my Imperial Guard army I thought Ied do multi part trouper. I got the legs dun this week and the torso will be next week. I snapped some pics of the process.

As I’m just starting out in this sculpting bis, I went and had a look at some tutorial, here’s two that I found very helpful.

Massive Voodoo, nice tutorial and a nice site of minicher related stuff.

Tom Mason’s YouTube channel, lots of good stuff here, some more advanced techniques and sume chat about the sculpting industry.

So to sum pics

The armicher, I use 24 gage stainless steal, and I find it’s good to keep the knee distinct.

imag0002  imag0004

Next we cover the armicher with a thin layer of green stuff.


Then befor the green stuff goes off, add a layer of Super Sculpey. I don’t add much more than this befor leaving it till the green stuff has hardened.


I forgot to take pics of the rest of the steps. But they are, bulk it out till there is a good form and then add details. I tend to work from the bottom up when add details and I do add them as  opposed to cutting them into the clay. This does give me the problem of my sculpts sometimes end up too big.


Thanks of looking.


  1. I’m in awe! the sculpts are awesome and the how-to post like this one is really useful! Do you put on the sculpey before the greenstuff has cured, and what is the purpose of the inner layer of greenstuff? I’ve started sculpting some monsters with airdry clay, but that is just childs play compared to yours! Have any of your sculpts been painted?

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  2. Thanks and glad to help. The green stuff is there because the sculpey will not stick to the wire but the green will, and you add the sculpey before the green cures.
    Sulping is a lot like painting, you need practice and in the beginning it about finding your touch and a clay or putty you like using. Tom Mason has some good tutorials over on his YouTube channel
    I haven’t painted any of them, I’m alway starting a new sculpt, usually before I have finished the last one.

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