Faces are hard

this week I got the torso of my trouper finished. I have also be working on the head and that is hard. Trying to get the face to not look like the genetic offspring of Jabba the Hut and a stick figure. All I can do is more practise.

I got sume Fimo and had a little play with it, can’t say a lot but it does seem to be affected by temperature more than Super Sculpey. Just from having it on my thumb nail as Im sculpting it does seems to become softer.

In self imposed torture of head sculpting, I have be watching one and a second tutorials from Tom Mason, who looks to be restarting The Mini Sculpting Super Show after a hiatus.

I also purchased Aragorn Marks, Barbarian tutorial from Miniature Mentor. I really enjoyed watching it and biggest point that I took away from it is that there isn’t really any tricks to these amazing sculpts, it about having a steady hand, a good eye and lots of practice.

So here is the torso on the legs that I did last week. I think there is a couple of things wrong with both of them. The legs are too chunky and trousers are riding too low in the crotch. The torso is too high. Both these things mean that the body looks stretched. Im still going to keep going with this and finish the arms and head and see what it looks like.


Thanks for looking.

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