Been missing for a bit but Blood Bowl is coming.


So not been here for a bit, but I am now. In the last post I was showing the legs and torso for my imperial trooper, now there was a slight scaling error between them and it just didn’t look right. I then decided that it would be better to do them as one piece and cut him up later, and here is some pic of him.

I like him, I think the upper body armor came out quite well. He does need some details, like buckles and pockets but I am going to do more versions of him.

Moving on, and Blood Bowl is getting a rerelease soon. I played BB back in the day and had a pretty strong Orc team, because everybody had a pretty strong Orc team. So I have decided to make my self an Orc team. First off I want to show you some in progress pic of an Orc thrower. Just to show what I have bean doing with the green stuff on the armicher. I have found that if I use more green stuff to start bulking out the figure before adding the clay then it gives me a more solid base to work from, especially around the head. Let me show you.

I have also got my hands on some Fimo professional, and I have been experimenting with mixing it with Sculpey, with some interesting results. The aim is to find a mix that is easier to work with than the Sculpey, not that the Sculpey is hard to work with, I would like it to be a bit softer. There is a secondary aim, that when Sculpey baked it can be brittle and I keep braking feet when I take them of the stand. Now the Fimo by itself is a lot softer than the Super Sculpey and it is bubble gum like. Sculpey is more like clay. Also if you leave Sculpey for a day or two then it will firm up and you are able to cave it to sume degree, Fimo dose the same but the surface kind of glossy and elastic and it abit harder to get a fine edge in it.

The first one is actually has no Fimo in it, but is Sculpey with a little bit of baby oil and quickmix, which is a clay conditioner for FImo.

The second one is all Fimo and you can see how glossy it is.

The last one is a 50/50 mix of Sculpey and Fimo, apart from the barrel, I couldn’t get that to work with this mix so its just Sculpey. This mix better to work with, it does retain that bubble gum consistency, but it will firm up like the Sculpey.

There is one more that I haven’t finished yet, so I havent got pics of it, and that is a 75/25 mix of  Sculpey/Fimo and that does seem to be better to work with. Now I haven’t baked any if these so I dont know how that will go.

There is one more mini that I what to show you and that is a black Orc. I did try to make this a little bit bigger than the Orc thrower at the beginning of this post, but I overcooked it a bit and it ended up about the size of a Ogre. I was also the first time i tried to do belt buckles.

Thanks for reading.


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