Faces and Trains

I’ve be mainly working on one of the Orc linemen and got some of the details done. There is a bit of cleanup to do but I have bean finding that having to take photos of the sculpts, really does give me a different perspective, especially in showing how clean the details are.

The other progict that i started the week is a wooden train. My kids are bouth into there wooden train (the Brio suff). I decided that thay need a Sydney train. 

The first thing that have to be done was to some 50x50mm timber down to about 31x31mm and put a 45 degree chamfer on the top corners. This was fun because I have just derusted and sharpened my box-plain. Next I cut them down to coaches and cut the angel for the front and back, and did some filling. I now have to wait for some parts and look at how I;m going to paint them.


Thanks for looking

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