Goblins and some more goblins

So it’s there has been a bit time since my last post, a little of life and maybe some writers block. But I have been working on some goblin stuff.

First off is a shaman, which is a little homage to one of the only current GW green skin sculpts that I think half decent. I did have a wee issue with this one. I set up the armature in the my usual way, I used 22 gauge wire for the body and 20 gauge for the bone. When I had finished it was all a bit loose, so I drilled a hole in the base and glue the 20 gauge into it, thinking that I would snip it off when I was finishing of the bottom of the bone. That didn’t happen and I had to resculpt the bottom of the bone and the feet, we live and learn.

Next up we have a archer, not much to say about him. I think he might be little big, he’s 18mm to the eyes, the flights on the arrows took a lot of tries and I’m still not happy with them.

The last two are works in progress. First up is what I ended up calling a goblin champion with a spear, he’s only a champion because he a bit taller than he should be, at 20 mm to the eyes. I need to give him a belt with some things hanging off of it, including a sword and he will have a shield in his left hand.

And last is this guy. He has been giving me all sorts of grief. This is his second armature and I have complty striped the clay of this one three times, and his face this must be the tenth version of his face. But this is the thing, sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s a battle, but if you keep chipping away at it you might get something that is slightly better than average.

Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome.


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