So over on Tom Mason’s he has started a sculpting challenge call’d Sculptember. The rules for the challenge are.

  • Set a Goal. Minimum if 1 complete sculpt by the end of September the 30th.
  • Sculpt everyday.
  • Post your progress online, everyday.
  • Hashtag it with #sculptember and #sculptember2017.

I think that this a good opportunity to step outside my comfort zone abit. I have been doing Orc and Goblins for awhile now. I started doing this many because they have big hands and heads, which is good for practising sculpting hands and heads. So I have decided to try and do some dwarfs, with their more human style heads and hands. I haven’t decided whether to do fantasy dwarfs or some Squats.

Hopefully by the end of September I will have sculpted.

  • A fantasy dwarf command group, a champen, a standard bearer and a musician.


  • Part of a Squat command squad, a commander, a vox-operator and a standard bearer.

We will see what happens, but I have started on a dwarf, which I will probably throw out, but you have to start somewhere.



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