1. I’m guessing shape wise that a basic pick axe wouldn’t be too hard either, but I’m no sculptor. It also gives your mini a dual purpose, could be used as a Dwarven hero/warrior or maybe a retired hero who is now a gold miner. You could probably say the same for a Dwarf with a hammer though, as they could be a blacksmith. Just an idea, and your hammer turned out just fine.

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      2. Sculpting wise it’s not hard to do a pick, it just takes more wire structure than a hammer. With a hammer you can get away with an L shaped bit of wire and bulck the rest out with Green. Because the head of a pick is longer and thinner you would need a T shaped wire and it can be a pain to make a join small anufe.
        The interesting thing about classic Dwarf weapons is that they are weaponized tool, its initially possible to have a assault-pick like a war-hammer or a battle-axe.
        As I was writing this I found out it called a Horseman-pick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseman%27s_pick

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      3. That Horseman Pick is pretty cool looking. Yea, most weapons started out as some agricultural tool. I remember reading about the history of Chinese weapons like the Sai, Nunchaku, etc. and was pretty surprised to find out most of those were tools. Peasants particularly favored them, because they could carry their tools around which also acted as weapons.


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