Sculptember day 11

I think that I have finished this one. As I usually do, I will not bake it till tomorrow, it give me a chance to look at it again and fix any thing I dont like. Next I think I will start one of the minis I said I would finish at the start, I’m thinking it will be a musician.


  1. Really nice runes on the shoulder pads. They are sharp.

    Someday I hope to be able to make shoulder pads and basic helmets. Would be helpful for customizing Blood Bowl miniatures. I need to spend a lot more time learning and playing before I’ll get close to the results I want though.

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    1. I use polymer clay, a mix of Super Sculpey firm and Fimo, which can be baked in an over to harden it. I haven’t done much casting, I did try to make some silicone molds awhile ago, to do some resin casting. But it didn’t go that well, I think the heat here in Sydney was a bit much at the time

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