Troll McTrollFace (part 3)

Hopefully this one’s not going to be as chatty as the first two, with more pretty pictures.

Last time I was bulking out the main form and I am continuing that. I am starting to get things close to the shape that I’m looking for, but it’s more important to think about the mass of parts. The final shape can and will be tweaked later.

I also decide to do most of the details on the goblin. Because, I found when I was working on it, I ended up touching the rest of the model alot. I didn’t want to get further along with detailing the troll and mess it up doing the goblin.

Once I’m happy with the mass and general shape of thing, I started texturing to muscles. To do this I yous a small ball tool and scrape in the direction of the musical. This is where I can start to take the shapes. I also found that the head was a bit too close to the left shoulder, so I took it of. I have not come up with good idear of the face and getting rid of what I had there allows me think about what I what face to look like. Instead of trying to make the place holder I put there at the beginning work.

I also found that the right hand was in the wrong orientation, is needed to be rotated by 90. Did this the same way I did the biceps, but I got some shots of me doing it.

Thanks for looking and as always I would love to hear what you think.


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