Big update

It has been a while, after my last post in October! I have moved halfway across the country, from Sydney to Adelaide. When this was happening I thought that I would be able to jump straight back into the sculpting. But  after setting up my workshop and getting settled in, I lost my mojo and didn’t do much till after christmas.

After christmas, I forced myself to get going again and of course I did this with goblins. I also got BeeSPutty, the triple firm one. I think I like the BeeSPutty, it’s a bit softer than my Fimo – Super Sculpey mix, it’s also a lot sticker than any if the other clays I have tried.

Onto some pics. Theses are the goblets I used to get me out of my funk. The first one is a different version of a shaman that i did before, the rest are just some spearmen. You may notice that I got myself a new camera, well not new, but it was a good ebay find and hopefully will improve the pics on hear.



So last month I spent a weekend in Melbourne doing a sculpting workshop with Patrick Masson, which was a lot of fun and I think that it may have fundermataly change the way I approach sculpting. Here is work in progress pics of some Orc blood bowl linemen, as a redo of some I have done before. I think there might be a little bit of difference.



What do you think? I always like to hear.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love the motion in the lineman and the detail on goblin ears (never mind the scarf/drape thing). Looks awesome. Hope you have settled into Adelaide. I spent a summer in Glenelg a number of years back* and out of everywhere I went in Aus, it was one of my favourite places.
    * I won’t say exactly when but it was around the time a group called POTUSA released a song called peaches. Now every time I hear it, it transports me back to SA.

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  2. Nice work. I had a bit of a slump the last couple weeks too. At first I got sidetracked by a project. The next week I didn’t even want to pick up a paint brush. Yet when I picked up the brush this week, it felt great and I felt like I had made some accomplishments.

    Your work was already good, but it does seem to be getting better. It could be the new putty, the workshop, or just the break.

    Oh man, here I go with another story…so I was trying to beat this one part in the Star Wars Dark Forces computer game. It had save points, and when I died it would send me a ways back. I kept trying and trying to get past that point, but kept getting frustrated with dying. My brother tried and also couldn’t get past it. Finally I gave up. About a week later, I fired up the game…and on the first try got past the part that I had previously tried to get past for days! Just goes to show how resting the brain sometimes is a big help.

    I played around with milliput and green stuff a bit. I don’t like how messy milliput is. Adding water to it, makes it even more gunky. A 50/50 mix of green stuff and milliput is pretty nice though. How would you say BeeSPutty compares to those?

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    1. I don’t know it might be the camera.

      I use a milliput – green stuff mix, but manly for weapons, because it can be sanded. Beesputty and poly clays are quite different from putties like green stuff, one of the big ones is clays don’t stretch like purries do, but they also don’t droop as much as putties when you get them thin.

      When your mixing green stuff and milliput try rubbing a very small amount of vaseline on your fingers before you start.

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  3. These look really great. I’m always impressed with your sculpted stuff. Have you tried Brown Stuff (I’ve heard it’s good for weapons) or ProCreate putty (gettit? hur hur). Bad pun-for-a-name aside, It’s supposed to be very good for sculpting.


    1. Thanks. I haven’t tried Brown Stuff, it is on one of the list of stuff I should get. I have tried ProCreate but it was a while ago and the stuff I got wasn’t very fresh, it’s probably on one of thoth lists


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