Finished Blitzer

I finally got this guy finished. I did do a bit of surgery to the face, took the mouth in so its inside the jawbone and made the teeth smaller, it helped a bit but still not shore.

My next plan is to do some more goblins. I’m going to try and do enuf for a unit of 20, for a game like 9th Age or old Warhammer, where the unit is a block, in this case 5×5 on 20mm square bases. When I make a unit, especially of something like goblins, I try and have the first two ranks without miniatures repeating. That means I will need 10 sculps, including a champion, standard bearer and a musician. I thought to make this process faster I would try and bach sculpt them and do five at a time.

As always thanks for looking and I would love to hear what you think




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