The Goblineteers with hands

This one’s a bit pic heavy, but I finished the five goblins. The bach sculpting thing worked out, I think. It didn’t make it quicker but it did stop me fusing over one part before moving onto the next. There is one without a shield, he will get one but it will be a separate peace. Now that these are out of the way I can start on the copatichon peace of the Oldhammer Sculpting Group.

As alway thanks and I love to hear what you think.



  1. A very professional result and characterful sculpts. Soke questions about the process itself: How long did those take you in total, what mixture/brand of modelling clay do you use annd why is your working surface covered in what looks like smoothed out greenstuff?

    I am currently only doing conversions, but want to add more and more self sculpted elements. I feel faces may be the most difficult to sculpt and I am always amazed if they turn out so well, as they did with your Goblins.

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    1. Thanks, these five toke me about two weeks, in hobby time, so about 15 to 20 hours. I use a polyclay called BeesPutty and the green stuff, the lighter one is green stuff and milliput mix is just to give my holder a smooth surface that the clay doesn’t stick to.

      Poly clays are grate but there not that good for adding to existing minichers because you have to bake them in an oven to get them to harden, and faces are hard don’t start with faces, everybody can tell when a face doesn’t look right.The trick to doing face or any sculpting well is to practice a lot.

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  2. Wow. Just wow. I can barely manage little additions with green stuff and you are sculpting whole models at a level to rival any “professional” out there. Amazing sculpts. Love them. I am also curious about the clay used. I have a more ambitious resculpt coming up and would like options.

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    1. Thanks that’s really encouraging. The clay I use in a polyclay called BeesPutty, there are others
      ones that I have used in the past, Fimo and Super Sculpey Firm. There all nice but they do need to be baked in a oven to harden them


      1. I tried super sculpey once. It must have been a bad batch, because it wasn’t able to sculpt a thing!! Carve? Maybe. Very hard stuff. I need to resculpt a model to have knee boots, u think the model is metal, how hot does the oven need to be for curing?


      2. Yes Super Sculpey is hard, you have work it in your hands to warm it up, I also mix it with Fimo and Quickmix which is a clay conditioner for Fimo.

        I you might have problems using a clay on a existing model, the model will survive the oven, it only 120 C to bake the clay. But there might be some expanding and cracking and the clay probably will not stick to the metal too well. I would suggest using a putty, the mix I uses most of the time for this sort of thing is 50-50 mix of green stuff and Milliput with about 5% to 10% of a polyclay mixed in, it doesn’t matter what type of clay it is and you will not need to bake it as the putties will harden just fine.


  3. Those are looking fabulous! Easily on par with the GW goblins of old. Like many here, wish I had the time and skill to become good at sculpting. For now, I’ll just have to stick with the super basic stuff.


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