OSG sculpting competition final update

I finished it. Just got dun backing it, I think I might have the temp abit high and that is what is costing the gloss finish, but I don’t know, according to the temp sensor Im was using, it didn’t go above 132C. I am very impressed by the strength of the BeesPutty after its been baked. The shield is all BeesPutty, I would usually make the it ether all out of a green stuff, milliput mix or start with a thin sheet of putty mix and do the rest out of clay. But this time I did one side with just the BeesPutty and baked it. At this point it’s about 1mm thick and it’s about as strong as the putty mix at the same size.

All in all I think it has turned out quite well, I just have to wait for the voting to start.

Thanks for looking


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