Goblin Command WIP

So after all the fun of the sculpting comp and the deadline being pushed back to the 15th. I have been continuing with the goblin spearmen unit.

First I finished the champion, nothing too remarkable about him, apart form, he is 24mm to the eyes where the rest of the unit are 20mm. I remember reading in some fluff that Orcs get bigger the higher their rank, I think it should be the same for goblins. I also did all of his equipment for BeesPutty, instead of a green suff, milliput mix and its working for me, I can get them done faster and with a bit more detail.

Next is a couple of WIP to round out the command section. These have been a bit of a pan in the ass, manly just getting the finish right has been hard for some reason.

Love to hear what you think.


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