The Gobo Family

Hi all I have finally managed to finish all the Goblin spearmen. Hear is the last two.

I did forget to give one of them tows and the other one has abit to forlorn look. You may also notes that I had to replace one of my lights, hence the wormer look in the pics. What I can do now is give you a family pic for all of them.


I may have mentioned in my last post that I will take a break from green skins for abit and do some more human tipe figers. In that vain I have a barberan with abit of a strange pose if you look at him from the right angel.

And the start of a middle hammer Halberd.

As always thanks for looking



  1. Nice, love that family pic. Must be pretty rewarding to know you made all those great minis yourself!

    Can’t wait to see how the Barbarian shapes up.


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