Sculptember2018 Day 10

Yesterday I did say I would start on the weapon but I realized that I don’t have the right size of rod for the shaft. So I thought I would move on with something else I need to do and that is the hands. Thay are sumpthing that I have not been confident in doing. Doing one holding sumpthing I’m OK with and a fist sometimes comes out a bit weird but an open hand has never gon that well for me.

I thought that I would take you throw the process that I use to deal with issues like this.The first thing I do is go looking at how other far better sculpture than me do it. I have to emphasise that this should be a quick look, otherwise I will fall into a dark rabbit hole of just looking and not doing. Saying that I did find this little tutorial for Hasslefriesian of Hassle Free Miniatures. The second part of my process is to do the same thing lots of time until I feel confident. In this case I started by following the tutorial as well as I could, I try to not get too discouraged when (and it is when not if) my attempts don’t look like the ones done by a mastre who has been doing it for years. As I get more confident I will start to change it so I can work in a way that I’m more comfortable with, that usually means changing the materials.

Here are some pics of some badly sculpted and unfinished hands.

Thanks for looking


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