Sculptember2018 Day 17

I haven’t done as much, today, as I have been doing. I’m at a bit of a crunch time for this sculpt. There is two things going on at the moment. The first is a procedural one, when do I do the right hand? There is going to a lot of stuff floating around it and I want to get it done while I can still get to it. On the other hand I what to get as much of the clothing done before I start it, because I still not confident doing the hand and I will have to remove the support for that arm making the hole thing move more as I sculpt it.

The other thing is motivation, doing these flapping clothes is not easy and I don’t think its the type of thing that will get a lot easier with practice, manly because I’m running up against the limits of the material. With any clay, as you get thinner and longer with your pieces, then it gets less willing to stay in the position you put it in. Now the motivation thing, as it gets harder, I have in the past, not lost interest, got a bit disheartened and done things like, “I will give myself a break and work on something else”. And I do, then I will come back to the main project and work on it for a bit, then find another thing to do. This pattern will continue for a while, until the main project is on the back burner and I haven’t touched it in week or months is some cases. Now my main task in the next few days will to avoid getting into the pattern. Doing this challenge helps, posting every day means I can’t put it down for a bit. The other thing that I can do, is to set small achievable goals for the next few days. Of course this feeds back into the first problem and I have to make some decisions.

Thanks for looking


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