Dukes of Hell Two

I have been continuing sketching the Dukes of Hell. The first I have to show is Aamon, he is supposed to have the rear end of a snake, the torso of a dog and the head of an owl, with dogs teeth. I didn’t give him an owl head, mainly because I didn’t want to do another owl head. I have also been reading about terror birds, but that’s another project to go on the list.

Next, we have Agares, well not him but his mount. He is kingly looking goblin guy, that rides around on a crocodile. I did mess up the legs on this guy so I will have to redo him, but he has been fun to do

Thanks for looking



  1. Think the crocodile is pretty neat; and the little composite guy a bit comfortable. With an owl head he would have been VERY unsettling. But well done you.

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