Sculptember2018 Day 30

It’s finished!

I will just jump into the pics.

And I tried to do some fancy close up shots, not very well, but I tried.

First, the fix. The damage wasn’t as bad as it could have bin. The feet came off cleanly, I did think I was going to have to resculpt the front half of both of them. There was already a crack in the left wrist, so the hand and spear came off and there was a crack in the middle of the right leg. The general procedure for fixing it was, glue the broken bits back on with a small about of super glue, then I make a slurry of BeesPutty and Isopropyl alcohol and paint it on the joint, trying to get it as far into the gap as possible, then let dry for an hour or two. Then with some well worked BeesPutty, I fill and smooth any gap that’s left and then bake.

I set out, in what seems so long ago, to do a 54mm miniature and I did. The major criticism I have with it, is that the detales all seem a bit fuzzy, like I spent too much time smoothing and not trying to maintain a crisp edge. The spear could have done with more love, but it did turn into a pain in the ass. I think that I did capcher the flowing ness form the artwork.

A new thing I used for this project was time tracking, using a website called Toggl. It’s just to get an idea of how long projects take and what I spend most of my time doing. Hear is part of the report form this one. You can see that it took just over 50 hours.


“Detail large” was getting the main shape to all the clothing and “Detail small” was smoothing and refining that as well as doing the finer details like the face. Quite a lot of the time was me messing around, like the bulking was all the muscle work I did. It wasn’t necessary to go into so much detail, but it was fun. Seven hours praising hands was maybe a bit much and the weapon, enough said about that the better. I did find this a bit interesting.

Thanks for looking



  1. This looks great. I see what you mean about missing the crisp edges but the feel ad flow of the mode look really really nice. What is it you like about beesputty other sculpting materials? I haven’t tried it.

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    1. Thanks, the main difference between BeesPutty and other clays is, it’s sticky, not very, but enuff to make handling and getting it on to the sculpt easy. I just have to explain when I working with a clay I keep a chunk on my thumb nail and take small bits and do some ruff shaping on the back of my thumb before putting on the sculpt. Being sticky helps with this. But the main thing I like over, especially Fimo, is that when working with Fimo, it seems to have a skin on it, the serfes moves slightly definitely form the clay underneath. BeesPutty works much more like a soft wax. I hope that this make sense.

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      1. Yeah, I think think the only way to really understand is to work it, but I understand the principles. Cheers man, much like with my painting I’m hoping to expand my sculpting materials as well as my experience. It’s very easy for me to just keep working with the same stuff over and over but I think I will just trap myself then, not understanding the benefits of the other putties or why I might’ve struggling with what I’m using.

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      2. I did spend a lot of time messing around with lots of different things before I found BeesPutty, there is no substitute for trying sumthing and seeing what happens.
        You should give this a read

        Hears a good quote from it, he is talking about sculpting mediums.

        “So, what is the best solution for sculpting miniatures?
        There is no “best solution”.
        Many beginners are fossilized on what type of putty to use, but actually, it isn’t very important.”
        – Daniele “Found” Trovato


      3. Oh my God, thank you so much! What an amazing resource. Looking forward to researching the work all those referenced artists have done too when I have a chance. I feel like I have a good starting point now, until now all I’ve had is a sort of self taught bumbling around in the dark, occasionally finding some useful information to help me get bast some issue but this is great. A really nice consice source of useful information with a load of branches off to other things I can read about.

        Thanks for that. I feel like now I could have a bash at sculpting my first mini for someone, which I’ve kind of been putting off.

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