The Humble Infantryman

Hi all, so after having thoughts of posting every week, here we are a month later. I have been a bit busy. I have almost finished all the production moulds for the goblin spearmen.

I have also been doing a sculpt for the current Old Hammer Sculpting Group sculpting comparison. The comp has the theme of ‘The Humble Infantryman’, so I decided to do an Orc, I also wanted to expand on the technique of dollys that I showed before. Wants I had finished sculpting the dolly, I made a mould and cast it, I had to take the arms off for the mould to work.

Then I added a nice chain mail dress.

This is my firest pass at a head, I didn’t use it in the end, it just wasn’t dynamic enough.

And then I completely forgot to take any more pictures of the sculpting, sorry. But hear he is, I think he turned out OK, he is a bit light on details, but he is an Infantryman, and he is only just in the size restrictions, he is 32mm to the eyes.

Finally I started on some more goblin, shocking I know. A set with handwepons and some wolfsquig riders.


Thanks for looking and I might not leve it so long till the next post.



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